Download plans of wood burning stove for emergency heating

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The purpose of these manufacturing instructions is to enable industrial scale production of inexpensive wood burning emergency heaters. Stove is designed to be produced by laser cutting, bending and welding.

Sharing these manufacturing instructions further and modifying them is desirable and allowed. You can make changes, additions and improvements as you wish. You can also use the material commercially, but we ask that you refer to the original address of the drawings:

The manufacturing instructions were designed as a group effort on the internet forum in December 2022. We have dedicated discussion forum for stove: (in Finnish) There you will find images and even videos. Please use Google Chrome translation for Finnish > English.

Please share the file package complete with all the manufacturing files included. If you want to send greetings or tell us about the changes or improvements you have made, then send an email to address mentioned in readme.txt file.

Thank you for your efforts!

NOTICE: The zip package is updated 18/12/2022, now ver.1.02

VIDEO about manufacturing the first samples

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